Founded by Peter Wagner in 1998, Wagner University is unlike traditional seminaries that focus on equipping leaders, impartation, and practical application for Spirit-led ministry. 

Wagner University offers Religious Degrees in Bachelor, Master, and Doctor degrees in several different programs. 

We ignite people in their passions and empower them to walk out their purpose in order to bring the power of the Kingdom outside the four walls of a Church and a classroom. We provide community, resources, and tools to transform our world!

4 Pillars of Learning

It is the time to embrace your call to destiny. Be ignited in your passion and walk out purpose as you become equipped with practical tools that bring the power of the Holy Spirit to transform your world. If you would like to be a part of a global apostolic family of like-minded leaders from around the world, you have come to the right place to enhance your knowledge, skillset, and calling. 

Online Classes

Each program has a list of core courses that are required for graduation designed around a hybrid teaching model that provides the best learning experiences for every student. As part of a cohort, you will participate in these online courses in a group facilitated setting.

Residential Training

Students participate in 3-4 days of intensive courses featuring sessions with internationally recognized leaders. You will receive on-site instruction and impartation to maximize your learning experience with the option to participate online when eligible.

Group Learning

Classes are designed for relational development within each program cohort and students are given the opportunity to interact and engage with one another in a number of different ways all geared towards effective group learning and lasting relationships.

Practitional Research

The entire program is designed around practical application and research tailored to the individual student and showcased through the completion of a final project. Each program is uniquely designed to ignite, train and equip students.

D.Min in Apostolic Leadership and Applied Theology

The D.Min in Apostolic Leadership and Applied Theology is a 30-month program designed to transform your apostolic leadership and applied theological understanding.  This program will empower you in church polity and governance, social transformation and global mission. It will elevate your spiritual authority to the Kingdom level.

The primary objective of the D.Min in Apostolic Leadership and Applied Theology is to enhance students’ corporate apostolic leadership and applied theological understanding. Read More.

M.A. in Apostolic Leadership and Applied Ministry

The M.A. in Apostolic Leadership and Applied Ministry program develops the leader within each student and prepares them for competent apostolic leadership in their sphere of cultural influence. The program strives to provide the student with a pragmatic biblical foundation for church governance through Christ’s 5-fold ascension gifts, as well as empower through specialized training in the ministerial engagement of prophetic ministry, healing, power evangelism, spiritual warfare, and a 7 Mountain Kingdom Mandate. Read More. 

M.A. in Spiritual Healing, Deliverance & Warfare

The M.A. in Spiritual Healing, Deliverance and Warfare is a practical, hands-on program where students will receive a thorough background, history, systematic theology and practices of effective healing ministries. They will also be given strategies for addressing ground, occult and strategic level spiritual warfare and complete a practicum with a portfolio.

Students will receive training and teaching from a wide range of instructors including Doris Wagner, Bill Sudduth, Chris Hayward, Ché Ahn and many more who offer insight from their own experience and many years of expertise in healing, deliverance and spiritual warfare. Read More.

M.A. in Women Leadership

The program is designed to enlarge the personal and professional capacities of its participants, leveraging their God-given strengths, enhancing their influence, and facilitating the development of lasting relationships with women from diverse backgrounds. During the program they will be part of a relational community that provides mentoring from like-minded, spiritually mature leaders and instruction from experts in the Marketplace, Ministry, Family, Government, and Education.

Graduates of the program will be ready for deployment anywhere in the world to advance revival, reformation and cultural transformation. Read More.

MBA in Kingdom Entrepreneur & Business Administration

The KEBA Program is multi-dimensional. It helps entrepreneurs and leaders gain an understanding of why they have been called to the business arena. It ignites transformers and provides them with a paradigm for engaging in commerce that advances the Kingdom. Graduates of the program will launch and operate businesses that impact the world through Spirit-led creativity and innovation, a Kingdom-minded approach to commerce, and a commitment to godly values. Read More.

Wagner School of Ministry B.A. in Practical Ministry

Wagner School of Ministry B.A. in Practical Ministry major is for those who desire to deepen their relationship with an all loving God, and gain a better understanding of their personal identity, gifts and calling. Courses are designed to empower students with a practical and applied understanding of God, scripture and ministry.

Upon completion of this program, students will have an increase in their effectiveness as servant leaders, reformers and revivalists in their arena of cultural influence, be it any combination of business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, or the family and religion. Read More

Submit Online Application

Students are required to complete the online application, submit all required forms and pay the application fee.

Application Review

The application will be processed and an initial review completed to determine eligibility and appropriate program placement.

Gather All Necessary Documents

Send in official transcripts, references, and copies of their government issued ID for student verification.

Interviewing Process

Students will be contacted to set up a phone interview for verification, to ensure all forms are complete and proper placement is determined.

Final Decision

Students will be notified of the final decision for acceptance into the specified program and provided with a digital version of their acceptance letter.


Acceptance Package

Students will receive an official acceptance package that will include new student information, tuition, enrollment agreements and next steps.


Meet Our Residential Instructors

Our successful Residential Instructors of internationally-known leaders minister powerfully as apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers.

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