Top-Tiered Leaders
Meet Wagner University's Core and Residential Instructors

Wagner University‘s successful Residential Instructors are respected internationally as some of the top Christian leaders in the Church today. Wagner’s instructors minister powerfully as apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. Through WU’s creative, revelatory atmosphere of teaching, you can embrace the leader you are called to be. Receive living impartation and activation from the Holy Spirit to walk in your divine destiny. Get trained in practical Christian ministry leadership by those doing the work of the ministry. Become the leader God has called you to be and learn how to impact the seven mountains that influence our world – to transform nations and establish the glory of God’s kingdom on this earth.



Founding Chancellor

Founding Chancellor of the Wagner Leadership Institute (WLI), now Wagner University. Established in 1998, we equip men and women for leadership positions in churches and translocal ministries.... Peter was also the Vice President and Ambassadorial Apostle of Global Spheres, Inc. (GSI) and Missions were a watermark of Peter’s career. From 1956 to 1971, he and his wife Doris served as missionaries in Bolivia under the South American Mission and Andes Evangelical Mission (now SIM International). Peter passed into glory in October 2016.



International Chancellor

Che Ahn and his wife, Sue, are the Founding Pastors of HRock Church in Pasadena, California. Ché serves as the Founder and President of Harvest International Ministry (HIM); and the International Chancellor and President of Wagner University.... With a Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary, he has played a key role in many strategic outreaches on local, national, and international levels. He has written more than a dozen books. He also travels extensively throughout the world, bringing apostolic insight with an impartation of renewal, healing and evangelism.



Core Residential Faculty

Cindy Jacobs is an author, speaker, and teacher with a heart for discipling nations in the areas of prayer and prophetic gifts. She and Mike—her husband of 41 years—co-founded Generals International in 1985.... At nine years old, the Lord called Cindy when He urged her to read Psalm 2:8: “Ask of me the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the world for your possession." That small seed God planted many years ago has sprouted and grown into an international ministry, taking Cindy to more than 100 nations of the world, where she has spoken before hundreds of thousands, including many heads of nations.

Dr. Mark D. Tubbs

Core Faculty

Mark has his Masters of Divinity from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary in Lombard, Illinois. In 2005 Mark earned his PHD from Christian Leadership University in New York. In 2006 Mark became the Executive Director of Harvest International Ministry headquartered in Pasadena, California,works alongside the vision of the network’s founder, Pastor Che Ahn. In 2011 Mark became the HIM Missions Apostle that works with churches and takes teams to spark transformation and revival.



Core Residential Faculty

Kris Vallotton is a noted prophetic voice in Northern California, and has trained prophetic teams in this region. He is a sought after speaker with a vision for equipping an “Elijah generation” for the end-time harvest.... Kathy’s practical wisdom and prophetic insight combine to give her a unique and profound ministry as both an instructor and the school’s administrator. Kathy is also an anointed worship leader,assisting with the training of the worship teams at the school. Both Kris and his wife Kathy have a vision to raise up a company of warriors to impact this generation for Christ. Their goal is to see the fulfillment of Isaiah 61 with their own eyes. This prophecy begins with individual people getting delivered and healed–it ends with the ruined cities being restored.



Core Residential Faculty

Brian Simmons has been described as a true pioneer in ministry. As a spiritual father, his teaching and spiritual gifts have opened doors in many nations to take the message of authentic awakening and revival to many.... For the last 40 years he has labored together with his wife, Candice, to present Christ in His fullness wherever God sends them. Brian is committed to finishing the translation of the entire Bible into a new dynamic-equivalent version called, The Passion Translation. See for more info.



Core Residential Faculty

Patricia King is a respected minister of the gospel, successful owner of four flourishing businesses, and an inventive entrepreneur. She is an accomplished itinerant speaker, author, television host, and media producer... and has given her life fully to Jesus Christ and to His Kingdom’s advancement in the earth. She is the co-founder of and overseer of Christian Services Association.


Bill Johnson

Core Residential Faculty

Bill is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He and Beni have been pastors of Bethel Church since 1996 with a one-word mission statement: revival. Bill’s priority in life has been to learn how to host the Presence of God and minister to Him.... Bill is passionate about seeing the kingdom of heaven invade earth across all spheres of influence. The wisdom of God is to be displayed through the church, government, education and the arts. Bill travels extensively to share what he has learned through his experience, with the conviction that the only way to increase what has been given is to give it away.


Doris Wagner

Core Residential Faculty

Doris Wagner and her late husband, C.Peter Wagner, are true trailblazers when it comes to Spiritual Warfare, with authoring over 20 books combined books. Doris has personally walked hundreds of individuals through deliverance... and has taught on the subject throughout the United States and abroad. Doris teaches from her expertise of over 4 decades on the different levels of spiritual warfare, understanding Old and New Testament teachings concerning demons, and possible entry points for demonic influence. She also outlines various forms of bondage and God’s solutions for complete freedom. Doris continues to minister deliverance, travel, and teach on ground level spiritual warfare in churches around the US.


Dr. Mark Chironna

Core Residential Faculty

Bishop Chironna holds multiple advanced degrees in theology and psychology, and is the founder and senior pastor of Church on the Living Edge in Orlando, Florida.


Chris Hayward

Core Residential Faculty

Pastor Chris Hayward serves as the President of Cleansing Stream International. Before his time with Cleansing Stream, Pastor Chris was in pastoral ministry for eighteen years,... and the founding Pastor of Christian Fellowship Church in Mount Vernon, Illinois for eleven of those years. He resides in Castaic, California with his wife, Karen. They have three children and three grandchildren. Chris is the author of over five books which include: God’s Cleansing Stream (C. Hayward & J.Hayford) The End of Rejection: Your Past Is Not Your Future, Wounded in the Church: Hope Beyond the Pain (C. Hayward & R. Beeson) Ministering Freedom to the Emotionally Wounded: Proven Foundations for Deliverance (D. Wagner & C. Hayward, and God’s Cleansing Stream: Deliverance in the Local Church (C. Hayward & J. Hayford).


Ken Fish

Core Residential Faculty

Throughout his life, Ken has worked with parachurch ministries, and in the 1980s he worked full-time for John Wimber for several years at Vineyard Ministries International (VMI) and as a ghost writer for John Wimber.... He has traveled extensively as a conference speaker, teaching on wide variety of topics ranging from leadership and spiritual formation, church growth and revival, biblical authority and exposition, to prophecy and healing and deliverance. His work includes vision-casting, teaching on leadership and awakening themes, equipping the saints to further the advance of the Kingdom of God, and releasing fresh anointing in the midst of visitation. Ken’s material has been honed over many years, and he has a humorous teaching style that emphasizes both information and impartation..


Rebecca Greenwood

Core Residential Faculty

Rebecca Greenwood is co-founder and president of Christian Harvest International and Strategic Prayer Action Network (SPAN). Christian Harvest’s main thrusts include prophecy, prophetic intercession,... spiritual warfare prayer, deliverance and teaching the word of God.


David McDonald

Core Residential Faculty

David McDonald is a catalytic thought leader. An internationally recognized speaker and business consultant, he is one of the premiere speakers on the subject of cultural transformation and the seven mountains.... He delivers his message of transformation with relevance, wit, and intensity.


Dr. Lance Wallnau

Core Residential Faculty

Lance Wallnau is an internationally recognized speaker and business consultant, he is one of the premiere speakers on the subject of cultural transformation and the seven mountains. Lance has shared platforms with best-selling authors Ken Blanchard and John Maxwell, and lectured at universities from Harvard and M.I.T. to the London School of Theology. Merging a thirty-year background consulting in business and the non-profit sector, Lance’s intuition inspires visions of tomorrow with the clarity of today—connecting ideas to action.


Dr. Harold Eberle

Core Residential Faculty

Harold and Linda pastored a church for 6 years and, has since, become known in churches around the world. He is a popular conference speaker and visiting instructor at numerous Bible Colleges.... Harold has ministered in dozens of countries, with special focus on three regions including the Philippines, Africa, Middle East and Muslim-dominated areas of the world. Harold has authored over 25 books, dealing with issues such as Church leadership, life-centered Christianity, Kingdom finances, Church history, victorious Christian living, and various areas of theology. Several of his books are used as textbooks in Bible Colleges and seminaries throughout the world.


Steve Chua

Core Residential Faculty

Steve Chua is the founder of Seek First International. He and his wife Barbara are the Senior Pastors of Life as ONE, a growing church in Claremont, California. Steve’s passion is to see Spirit-filled Kingdom ministry ... established in the local church and to see the emerging generation impacted by the work of the Cross, the love of the Father and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Through his humorous, enthusiastic and, often, visual teaching style, Steve seeks to impart God’s truth to see the heart of the believer transformed.

Dr. Greg Wallace

Core Course Faculty

Greg Wallace is the Chief Academic Officer for Wagner University. He is also a proud graduate of the university having earned his doctorate in apostolic leadership and applied theology in August 2019.... Greg regularly teaches, writes, and consults on equipping apostolic leaders and building apostolic ministries. His latest book, Apostolic Governance in the 21st Century, deepens our understanding of apostolic administration in ways that help ministry leaders and their teams fulfill their Kingdom purposes.Greg also leads KG Ministries, an enterprise focused on discipling nations through church reformation, societal transformation, and apostolic governance. In both of his roles he enables leaders from around the globe to advance the Kingdom of God in their sphere of influence. In addition to his doctorate, Greg holds a master’s degree in human and organizational development from Azusa Pacific University, a law degree from UCLA, and a certificate in executive education from UCLA’s Anderson School of Business.

Dr. Dave Collins

Core Course Faculty

Dave brings an array of practical application and wisdom, having held positions of leadership in both the business sphere and various ministries of all sizes including mega churches and para-church ministries.... Dave currently serves in two different ministries. Dave is the Senior Director and Pastor for Claremont Healing Healings, located in Claremont, California. He also is the Executive Program Director and Administrator for Wagner University. Dave is passionate about seeing people grow in their relationship with God and coming into their full destiny. He loves working with teams both locally and globally, equipping the saints to do the work of ministry, building up the body of Christ in maturity. (Ephesians 4; 7, 11-13)

Dr. Linda Wallace

Core Course Faculty

Linda Wallace is the founder of A Company of Women, a dynamic mentoring organization that helps women attain wholeness through the power of face to face relationships. Her desire is to enrich the lives of women... through face to face mentoring relationships have been conducted in home-based groups, conferences, seminars, special events and as a guest speaker in churches, women organizations, businesses and as part of her leadership with women and young adults. Linda has received a Doctorate of Theology from Practical Christianity Institute of Evangelism and a Doctor of Practical Ministry from Wagner Leadership Institute. She is a graduate of Summit Leadership Institute and a certified trainer and facilitator for BOSS The Movement, a leadership development program for youth and adults.


Dr. Mark Glenn

Core Course Faculty

For the past 30 years, Dr. Glenn has worked in Christian ministry as a teacher, professor, school administrator, staff member and senior pastor in churches, schools, and... seminaries in North Carolina and Illinois. He also served for six years as the chaplain of a large residential facility for those with severe mental disabilities. Dr. Glenn currently operates a non-profit corporation representing special education students, provides court-appointed and private mediation services; and conducts pastoral training for pastors in Liberia, West Africa. His area of emphasis with Shiloh University is Doctoral Studies.