Tuition & Scholarships

Wagner University offers a variety of tuition payment plans alongside special scholarship offers designed to help you and your family pay for the university. Scholarships are a type of gift aid that does not have to be repaid and may take the form of University scholarships or scholarships from outside sources given on behalf of a student.

Tuition & Scholarship Options

WU Tuition Cost

Wagner University makes education affordable and accessible through a 2-3 year degree program with a one time tuition rate for the full degree program. The cost of tuition varies by program and is subject to change based on applied scholarships and annual tuition rate increases.

WU Tuition Payment Plans

Wagner University offers a variety of repayment options to make it easier for students to afford to attend school. Repayment options include monthly, annual and one-time payments for all students which is determined after the student has applied for admission.

WU Scholarships

Wagner University offers a variety of scholarships made available at different junctures throughout the year to eligible students. Special scholarships are a major factor in why students choose WU and are able to complete their degree programs.

Find Your Fit

Tuition by Program

All tuition includes residential courses but does not cover the costs of travel and accommodations during the residential training times. Tuition does not include costs related to textbooks or any other required course materials and writing software.WU does not provide assistance in student loan programs.

D.Min. in Apostolic Leadership & Applied Theology


  • 57 Total Credit Hours
  • 3 Required Residencials 
  • Complete in 30 Months

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M.A. in Apostolic Leadership and Applied Ministry


  • 36 Total Credit Hours
  • 3 Required Residencials 
  • Complete in 24 Months

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M.A. in Spiritual Healing, Deliverance & Warfare


  • 36 Total Credit Hours
  • 3 Required Residencials 
  • Complete in 24 Months

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M.A. in Women Leadership


  • 36 Total Credit Hours
  • 3 Reqired Residencials
  • Complete in 24 Months

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MBA in Kingdom Entrepreneur & Business Administration


  • 36 Total Credit Hours
  • 3 Required Residencials
  • Complete in 20 Months

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B.A. in Practical Ministry (Degree Completion)


  • 30 Total Credit Hours
  • 3 Required Residencials 
  • Complete in 24 Months

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Scholarship Requirements and Eligibility

Scholarships have been offered to students all around the world and opened the door for countless students to achieve their goals of higher education and graduate from Wagner University. 

  • You are a full-time student and actively engaged in your studies.
  • You applied for available scholarships on time.
  • You are meeting the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.
  • You have submitted all required information and submitted an application for submission.

Things to Know

Scholarships are awarded to eligible students who have completed the admissions process and completed all requirements for enrollment. Both scholarship and tuition offers are subject to change and expire. 

Contact Us to Get Started

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current scholarship opportunities?

Please contact our WU Office for all current scholarship opportunities and scholarship deadlines. 

What is the cost of tuition?

Total Program Cost:

Doctor of Apostolic Leadership: $34, 800

All Masters Programs (Except KEBA): $21,800

Bachelor of Practical Ministry (Degree Completion): $19,800

How do I determine the right program for me?

Wagner University offers various program degree levels and we are here to help you find the right fit for you! Contact our admissions office today and we will assist you!


How do I make a tuition payment?

Payments vary according to the program and tuition. The total tuition agreed upon may be found in the student acceptance letter. Contact us for further questions.