Master's Program

The Master’s of Women Leaders Program is designed by women for women at all levels of leadership: those who are ready to assume leadership, those who are relatively new to leadership and those who are long-serving leaders. Among its goals are to enable and mobilize women around the globe to advance the Kingdom across The Seven Mountains of society.


Objectives and Outcomes

It is undeniably true that women are equal to men. It is also undeniably true that women are different from men. Leadership development programs taught from a male perspective do not necessarily discriminate against women, but whether they intend to or not, they tend to teach women how to lead like men.

The program is designed to enlarge the personal and professional capacities of its participants, leveraging their God-given strengths, enhancing their influence, and facilitating the development of lasting relationships with women from diverse backgrounds. During the program they will be part of a relational community that provides mentoring from like-minded, spiritually mature leaders and instruction from experts in the Marketplace, Ministry, Family, Government, and Education.

Graduates of the program will be ready for deployment anywhere in the world to advance revival, reformation and cultural transformation.


Program Details

Core Courses List (On-Line):

  1. Theology of Women
  2. Leading from Authentic Identity
  3. Seven Mountain Mandate
  4. A New Era for Apostolic Women
  5. 21st Century Prophetic Women
  6. Global Trends, Kingdom Movements and Cultural Transformation
  7. Spiritual Balance, Emotional Health and Self Care
  8. Mothers on the Frontline
  9. Governance, Women, and The Kingdom 
  10. Creativity and Business Models 

Admission Requirements:

  1. Born-again Christian.
  2. Agree to live a life that honors God and abide by scriptural guidelines outlined in the Bible
  3. Minimum 5 years actively serving in local Church/organization and currently part of local Church body.
  4. Currently in leadership role at a local Church/organization.
  5. Undergraduate degree or equivalent.
  6. Two references (1 pastoral and 1 peer reference)
  7. Able to conduct on-line learning.

Graduation Requirements:

10 Core Courses – 30 units
3 Residential – 18 units
1 Final Project paper – 12 units

Total units for graduation: 60

Igniting Transformers

Walk in your divine destiny. Learn how to impact the seven mountains that influence our world – to transform nations and establish the glory of God’s kingdom on this earth.