Master's Program

The Kingdom Entrepreneur Masters of Business Administration is a two-year program specially designed to help owners of small and medium-sized enterprises to be faithful with and to multiply their time, talent, and treasure to increase their Kingdom impact in their spheres of influence.


Objectives and Outcomes

The word of God tells us that when we are faithful with little, He will entrust us with more. This is true in many areas but particularly with regard to money. The earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness, The world and those who dwell therein. Thus, this program is not focused on interpreting business through a spiritual lens. It is focused on business as an integral part of God’s Kingdom.




Participants in the program will engage in an intense series of online courses with 11 other owners of a small or medium-sized business. Four times a year, they will gather together for three days to be immersed in live classes, exercises, and practical applications to increase their business and financial acumen. During the program they will also come together as groups to participate in practicums that put their skills to use in real life situations, e.g., forming and running an investment club.




As a final project, students will form groups for the purpose of launching a business. From developing a business plan to opening for business, they will put to use their increased knowledge and enhanced skill set.




Graduates of the program will be galvanized to increase their wealth, deepen their influence, and impact their world through the effective operation of a Kingdom enterprise.


Program Details

Core Courses List (On-Line):

  1.  Apostolic Leadership
  2. Kingdom Mandate and the 7 Mountains
  3. Heaven’s Economy
    The Power of the Prophetic
  4. Effective Business Models
  5. Investments and the Stock Market
  6. Loans and Venture Capital
  7. Acquisitions and Mergers
  8. Branding and Marketing
  9. Apostolic Governance
  10. Taxes, Compensation and Benefits
  11. International Trade

Course Delivery

  1. Online classes
  2. 4 Three-Day Residentials (mix of local, domestic out of town, and international)
  3. Investment Club
  4. Final Project (launch a business)

Admission Requirements:

  1. Born-again Christian.
  2. Agree to live a life that honors God and abide by scriptural guidelines outlined in the Bible
  3. Currently serves or has served in local Church/organization and currently part of local Church body.
  4. Currently owns a small or medium-sized enterprise
  5. Undergraduate degree or equivalent.
  6. Two references
  7. Able to participate in on-line learning
  8. Able to attend in person the 4 three-day residentials
  9. Able to commit financial resources to participate in group activities, e.g., an investment club

Igniting Transformers

Walk in your divine destiny. Learn how to impact the seven mountains that influence our world – to transform nations and establish the glory of God’s kingdom on this earth.