Elective Courses

Explore the below courses used to fulfill your degree requirements. Each course is 2 units.

Activating Your Five Fold Destiny by Mark Tubbs

Do you desire to go to the next level in your spiritual gifts and five-fold functions?  Then this Encounter Weekend is for you!  You will gain freedom and receive greater empowerment to walk fully in your calling and destiny. In this powerful weekend, you will experience a strategic impartation and activation of apostolic anointing! 

Basic Sozo by Gwen Gibson and Dave Collins

This course will introduce you to the Sozo Ministry method. The training is designed to familiarize participants with the concepts of this inner-healing and deliverance ministry model and equip them with tools for praying with others and develop a Sozo ministry.

Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare by Ken Fish

The ministry of deliverance, improperly known in some quarters as exorcism, has a long and rich history with the Christian Church.  While many Protestant churches no longer practice this ancient form of ministry (and may in fact frown upon it), many Catholic, Pentecostal and “Spirit-filled” churches still do.  What exactly is deliverance? Is it a credible ministry in the modern age? If so, where and when would one use it? How does one go about doing so? What benefits might one hope to see from it? These questions and more are addressed in this seminar.

Lifestyle of a Prophet by James Goll

Internationally respected prophet and bestselling author James Goll offers a practical approach to the prophetic gifting with this experiential course of The Lifestyle of a Prophet. Centered around a unique, hands- on 21-day guide (available for purchase at the course), he helps believers develop the intimacy with God essential to hearing His voice clearly and correctly—and then proclaiming His words faithfully. Through illustrations from his own life and those of John, Daniel and Ezekiel, James exposes common misconceptions about the prophetic calling, the successes and failures of gifted people throughout church history and wisdom from the trenches of the prophetic. 

Rainbow God: Restoring God’s Face to Society by Johnny Enlow

In this paradigm shifting course we’ll look at the God of all of life and the nuanced ways He desires to be seen and displayed in the 7 primary spheres of your personal life, as well as in the 7 mountains of culture in every nation: Family, Government, Education, Media, Religion, Economy, and Arts & Entertainment. In the same way that the 7 distinct colors reflect a vital part of the rainbow, so too, God has 7 definable aspects of who He is that He has given His sons and daughters the honor of representing and restoring in society. Learn an advanced knowledge of God by understanding how each color connects to and represents the ways God’s love was meant to be seen and then displayed through us. Johnny will introduce the main thoughts and themes as Elizabeth adds the needed perspective of the other half of God’s image. Come and be catapulted into your reformation assignment as you discover the colors God designed you to shine with in your areas of influence and expect to be accelerated into God’s age of the restoration of all things.

Defeating Strongholds of the Mind by Rebecca Greenwood

We have all experienced battles with thoughts that need to be diffused and defeated. We have all battled mental strongholds, though we may not have realized it. A stronghold of the minds is a lie that Satan has established in our thinking that we count as true but is actually a false belief. When we embrace these lies, they affect our attitudes, emotions, and behaviors. God wants all of His children to walk in victory and freedom in their thoughts lives. But the Bible tells us that we have an evil and deceptive enemy who is “the father of lies and all that is false”. (John 8:44 AMP) In teaching Defeating Strongholds of the Minds, Rebecca will explain how Satan traps us in lies and false perceptions. Join her during this course as she discusses how to partner with God, enter into worship, and embrace our kingdom identity to gain breakthrough.

Victorious Eschatology by Harold Eberle

In Victorious Eschatology, Harold Eberle presents a clear biblically-based and historical understanding of Matthew 24, the book of Revelation, and other key passages about the events to precede the return of Jesus Christ. Victorious Eschatology takes a profound look at Dispensationalism (also known as the Futurist View), showing that it has misinterpreted scripture/history and gives a very credible alternate explanation of an optimistic view of the end times.

The fundamental view that the Church will rise in victory and power before the return of Jesus Christ has been the predominant view of the Church for the past 2,000 years.

Giants in church history believed in a more victorious eschatology, including church fathers like Eusebius (263-339 AD), considered by many the Father of Church History, and Origen a prolific early theologian and writer (185-254 AD). Similarly, revivalist like Jonathan Edwards, John Wesley and Charles Spurgeon all held to a similar view. WARNING adopting this optimistic view of the future may fuel your passion to advance God’s Kingdom in your spheres of culture influence such as the marketplace, government, arts and entertainment, education, media, family and religion.

Apostles and Apostolic Ministry by Peter Wagner

This course paints the broad picture of the apostolic movement as a whole and explains why and how apostles and prophets form the true biblical government of the church.

Prophetic Impact by Shawn Bolz

Shawn is excited about sharing from his recent experience at this upcoming prophetic core course. He will teach on transforming the world around through the prophetic gifts. He will share words of knowledge and empowerment. Attendees will get activated in their prophetic gifting!

Restoring the Foundations by Chester and Betsy Kylstra

Deep and permanent healing and freedom can be yours! Through the finished work of Jesus Christ, under the direction and anointing of the Holy Spirit, you can be free of those problems that are attempting to hinder, oppress, and destroy and your family! Restoring the Foundations Ministry teaches you the keys of the Kingdom that enable people to receive God’s restorative healing, deliverance, and freedom. This course will give you tools to unlock the chains that bind our lives and block and hinder our Christian growth

Chester and Betsy Kylstra teach how you can trace pain and woundedness back to four foundational sources:

  • Release from ancestral sins and curses
  • Replacement of destructive beliefs with godly ones
  • Healing from emotional and spiritual pain
  • Deliverance from demonic oppression

Light Belongs to Darkness by Patricia King

“Establishing God’s mercy & justice in the midst of a dark world”. God is raising up a people of power and influence who will be a voice to those who have no voice and who lack power in the midst of their injustice. Your LIGHT belongs in the darkness. YOU are important. YOU can make a difference in areas of social injustice. This impacting seminar taught by Patricia King will infuse and empower you with God’s heart, vision, and practical tools that will help you make a difference in the world you live in.

Discovering your kingdom identity by steve chua

At the heart of each believer is the desire to grow into deeper love and intimacy with God. If Jesus died that we would have a personal relationship with the Father, then why do many of us struggle to hear His voice, know His will, and to love Him with all our heart? Many have tried to be obedient, live good lives and follow the spiritual disciplines, yet still they feel that they are still failing and never getting closer in their communion with Christ. Did God intend relationship with him to be difficult and challenging? What is keeping us from the breakthrough that we desire?

Igniting Transformers

Walk in your divine destiny. Learn how to impact the seven mountains that influence our world – to transform nations and establish the glory of God’s kingdom on this earth.


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