Bachelor's Program

Deepen your relationship with an all loving God, and better understand your personal identity, gifts and destiny. Learn in a practical, empowering environment to become a servant leader, reformer and revivalist. Your sphere of influence will never be the same, whether it be business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, the family or religion.


Objectives and Outcomes

Bachelor of Applied Ministry major is for those who desire to deepen their relationship with an all loving God, and gain a better understanding of their personal identity, gifts and calling. Courses are designed to empower students with a practical and applied understanding of God, scripture and ministry.

Upon completion of this program, students will have an increase in their effectiveness as servant leaders, reformers and revivalists in their arena of cultural influence, be it any combination of business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, or the family and religion.


Bachelor's Program Road Map

Program length: Up to 24 months
Road map: 7 + 7 + 3 + 1

7 Core Courses (Online)

Courses are 3 units each, for a total of 21 units.

Students will have rigorous guided online study in a cohort format. With advanced online learning system, a well-designed course structure, and a cohort mentor, WU students will gain valuable knowledge, discuss best practices and receive shift for their ministry and leadership development.

7 Elective Courses

Courses are 2 units each, for a total of 14 units.

 A variety of elective courses are available.

3 Residentials (On-Site)

Courses are 6 units each, for a total of 18 units.

Students will participate in 3 required 4-day face-to-face sessions. Students will meet internationally well-known leaders, receive instruction and impartation for personal breakthrough and maximize their learning experience

1 Final Project

Final project is 12 units.

Students will have the option of conducting a ministry project with a written thesis paper or participate in a WU approved overseas intercultural missions trip for their graduation requirement.


Graduation Requirements

Core Courses List (On-Line):

  1. Kingdom Identity
  2. Deliverance and Inner-Healing
  3. Hearing the Voice of God
  4. Hosting the Holy Spirit
  5. Prayer and Intercession
  6. Dealing with two critical issues: Spirit of Religion and Spirit of Poverty
  7. Rainbow God: The Seven Mountains – Unlock Your Destiny

Elective Courses:

Choose seven from WU’s Elective Course list.

Application Requirements:

  1. Born-again Christian
  2. Actively serving in local church/organization
  3. High School Diploma or equivalent
  4. Two references (1 pastoral and 1 peer reference)
  5. Able to conduct online learning

Graduation Requirements:

7 Core Courses – 21 units
7 Electives – 14 units
3 Residentials – 18 units
1 Project paper or approved mission trip – 12 units

Total units for graduation: 65

With our comprehensive training method, we believe students will not just experience outstanding education, but embark on a transformational journey.