Program Electives

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Activating Your Five-Fold Destiny

Do you desire to go to the next level in your spiritual gifts and five-fold functions? Then this Encounter Weekend is for you! You will gain freedom and receive greater empowerment to walk fully in your calling and destiny. In this powerful weekend, you will experience a strategic impartation and activation of apostolic anointing!

Apostolic Centers

The church is in a major shift, and a Kingdom strategy is being released. God is raising up new wineskins in the form of Apostolic Centers. These centers are hubs for societal transformation, they are for training and activating the saints into the seven mountains of cultural influence. This course will go beyond the how, what and why’s, to activating God’s strategic plan in you for this hour of Kingdom advancement! Are you ready?

Apostles and Apostolic Ministry

This core course paints the broad picture of the apostolic movement as a whole and explains why and how apostles and prophets form the true biblical government of the church.

Growth Dynamics of New Apostolic Churches

Dr. Wagner draws from his many years of pioneering experience to present this new wineskin teaching. Topics include the new apostolic reformation, apostolic spheres of influence, linking prophets with apostles, territorial apostles, the role of pastor, finances, and more.

Apostolic Breakthrough

Let’s tap into the dynamic of power that was given to the apostles after Christ’s exaltation! We will learn about the power of an Apostolic Lifestyle and discover the components of the Apostolic Mandate given to the church of the last days. Expect divine revelation and impartation as we move even deeper into the 2nd Apostolic reformation! This will go beyond defining the apostolic– it will release the breakthrough of the apostolic into your church and region. Explosive power is on the way, take all you can for what is coming!


You will not regret it. Join us in stepping into your destiny & impacting the world.