WU Offers 3 Program Options

WU’s roadmap for leadership meets students where they are. With a learning structure customized to fit students’ needs, WU captures the innovation of new e-learning courses with the strength of hands-on residential training and impartation in our 24-month cohort programs. Choose from three degree tracks:

Whichever degree track you choose, your path to graduation combines the ease of online learning with the advantage of in-person teaching, activation and practical ministry. Live courses and study at home options make it simple. 


Bachelor of
Applied Ministry

Deepen your relationship with an all loving God, and better understand your personal identity, gifts and destiny. Learn in a practical, empowering environment to become a servant leader, reformer and revivalist. Your sphere of influence will never be the same, whether it be business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, the family or religion.

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Master of Leadership and Applied Ministry

Develop the leader within you to transform your arena of influence. Through a pragmatic Biblical foundation, you will hone leadership skills in practical ministry methods, revival and reformation. This program will equip you for prophetic ministry, healing, power evangelism, and spiritual warfare, while understanding the vision of the 7-Mountain Kingdom Mandate.

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Doctorate of Apostolic Leadership and Applied Theology

Enhance your corporate apostolic leadership and applied theological understanding. As one already engaged in ministry, this program addresses your knowledge of church governance, spiritual heritage and the 7-Mountain strategy. It will also enrich your own spiritual growth and integrity. Let us partner with you to carry His love into ministerial and public leadership.

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WU's Training Model: 4 Pillars

A new hybrid training model with 4 pillar emphasis


Pillar 1: Core Courses

Students will have rigorous guided on-line study in a cohort format. With advanced on-line learning system, a well-designed course structure, and a cohort mentor, WU students will gain valuable knowledge, discuss best practices and receive a paradigm shift for their ministry and leadership development.


Pillar 2: Elective Courses

Students will choose from several different options, including 30 WU online electives.


Pillar 3: Residential Trainings

Students will participate in 3 required 4 days face-to-face sessions. Students will meet internationally well-known leaders, receive instruction and impartation for personal breakthrough and maximize their learning experience.


Pillar 4: Final Project

Students will have the option of conducting a ministry project with a written thesis paper or participate in a WU approved overseas intercultural missions trip for their graduation requirement.


With comprehensive training methodologies, we believe students will not just have outstanding educational experiences, but will also experience a transformational journey.