What Students are Saying in 2017

“For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” (Revelations 19:10). Every time we share testimonies, we bring glory to Jesus and he is able to do it again! Testimonies also remind us of how good God truly is, and how blessed we are of having dedicated students influencing their sphere of influence, ministries, families, and churches. Here are some recent testimonials we want to share with you.

What Graduates from China are saying:

“I feel very blessed for these past 2 years. My horizons and mind have broadened. I have been experiencing miracles and I have been getting to know God more. I’m thankful for the university, teachers and classmates.” 
- Zhou Yun Feng

“I used to feel like a grain of sand moved by the sea. I used to feel lonely. One day I met WU. I felt embraced as if I were inside an oyster’s shell. I now feel like a pearl. I feel loved by God and blessed. I have given my life to God to be the light of this world.”
- Wu Chao

What current US students are saying:

“In learning what God has called me into, I’ve been able to release and help those who I have influence over. This is like a snowball. My family’s life has changed, our church life too. As we have staff meetings, our focus has changed. We are looking at the Five-fold. We are seeing how are we affecting the ministries in our church and our communities. We started to think outside of the box.” – Julia Ruiz

“I found that in the teaching and reading at WU, we have been challenged to apply it to ourselves and our ministry. God is using this to raise the level of our anointing to be effective for the kingdom of God.” – Matthew Weaver

Stay tuned, more testimonies are coming up!

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